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Creation of Geoyar

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Creation of Geoyar

Post by Fawn on Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:04 am

The Ancient tribal and of Geoyar lies nestled in a vast land of plains, mountains, and thick lush forests with speckles of smaller villages and larger cities throughout. Just off the coast of The Sea of Nagrok. Once a and of peace and tranquility the balance has shifted from light to dark. The ground split open and out came creatures of the underworld. Beasts of myth and legend sprouting forth and reining terror over the people of Geoyar. The people of the country were forced to leave their homes and take shelter in the Highwalls of, Clouis the capitol of Geoyar. The city was split between those that believed the Moon Goddess Ambrus would be their savior and those that followed the Sun Goddess Izotl. Fights within the city constantly broke out each blaming the others deity for the fall of Geoyar. It wasn't until the two leaders of the factions met with the Empress of Clouis that the fighting seemed to halt. All three came to the conclusion that fighting amongst each other would only lead them all to destruction. The formed a truce and together they came up with the plan to take back their home from the beasts and find out what happened to their home.

The land beyond the Dominion of Clouis has become restricted to anyone not barring the permission from the Empress of Clouis. Danger lurks outside the border, one can only hope that with time, their peaceful country will be restored.

Throughout Geoyar there are two goddesses that are believed to have created the mystical country. Ambrus, the goddess of the moon, and Izotl the Goddess of the Sun. It is said that the people of Geoyar were created in the image of the two goddesses. It is said that the goddesses had the ability to shift their shapes into anything that they desired. Which is why the people of Geoyar have the ability to shape shift into certain animals, which they've called the Animus.

Ambrus is the more widely known Goddess amongst the two. It is said  that she usually favours the shape of a white elk. She is said to be a Deity of divination, fertility and a protectress from evil spirits. Many people of Geoyar call her the Mother Goddess, or Mother Moon. She is said to  be kind hearted and a sot gentle spirit just like the moon itself.

Izotl on the other hand may be less known amongst the people but she is just as important at Ambrus. Where as Ambrus is the Goddess of the Moon Izotl is the Goddess of the Sun. Like Ambrus she can take any form she wishes, but is said to prefer that of a Glden Eagle. Izotl is said to be the keeper of the light that illuminates all life and ensures consciousness. It's believed that she gave birth to all the plants and animals of the world. Izotl is believed to have a spirit that burns with a fiery will and stubbornness.

When Geoyar began to fall the citizens began to flee to the city of Clouis. Shortly after Two Factions sprouted up. Those that believed the Goddesses had abandoned them due to how the world had become as of recently, and those that believed something must have upset the balance of Geoyar and the Goddesses could not interfear. The former being Zentina and the latter being Luxari. Either way both groups of people coud agree that the Goddesses were gone be it of their own choice or somethign was stopping them.

Zentina, more or less feel betrayed by the Goddesses for leaving them and turning their home into what it is now. While Luxari were worried about what had become of the Goddesses. The two factions argued and fought day and night. One believing they had left on their own accord while the other believed something had happened to them. It wasn't until the Empress of Clouis intervened between the raging groups that a truce was made between them. Fighting amongst themselves was pointless, they wouldn't get anywhere harming each other the beasts and monsters outside had done plenty of that already. So with a new truce formed they now form a mostly united front against the evils outside the walls. Though they may have a truce amongst eachother that doesn't mean they share their beliefs.

Zentina still believe they've been abandoned.

Luxari still believe that they're goddesses are in trouble.

No matter what they believe they can all agree that they are truly alone in the world...


  • Unknown to the citizens of Geoyar their homes and lives would be changing forever.

  • Freak weather incidents start occurring. Tsunamis, blizzards, hurricanes and devastating storms occur all throughout Geoyar.

  • An unknown sickness washes over the land. Killing of many young children and the elderly.

  • The ground begins to crack open. Large fissures stretching miles long stretch across the land. For the first few days nothing happened, but soon enough dark creatures of nightmares began to emerge from the darkness. Awoken from their slumber.

  • The citizens of Geoyar begin to flee to the only haven throughout the land. The City of Clouis. It is seemingly untouched by the beasts of the darkness. It's preexisting high walls keeping the inner city safe. The Empress gives the refugees a home within the city. But, soon unrest starts to grow within the city. Factions emerge Luxari and Zentina. Fights between the two that lead to injury and death  becoming a daily occurrence.

  • The leaders of the two factions would be summoned by the Empress of Clouis. They would hold a meeting where they decided as a whole that fighting amongst each other would solve nothing and just lead their people to an earlier grave. They agreed that they would put their differences aside and start working together to find an end to the darkness that plagued their home.

  • Present Day

  • If you have any questions about the land of Geoyar please don't hesitate to ask!
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