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Roleplay Guidelines

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Roleplay Guidelines

Post by Fawn on Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:16 am


1. We are a paragraph/semi-literate RP site. Meaning we want to see effort put into your posts. One-liners and one-sentence responses or starters are not acceptable. Include whatever you feel necessary, detail, characters, plot, but just try to make it longer than a sentence please. We are not very up-tight about grammar or spelling mistakes, those are easily forgiven, but text talk is not permitted (unless it pertains to the RP in some way).

2. Characters whom are not related or married; should not have the same last name or first name, it's wise to check the taken names thread to be sure that the name you desire for your character is available.

3. On SoA we go by a rating system for our threads.

RS -
No cursing, No sexual content, No violence

RQ - Mild cursing, No sexual content, Mild violence

RC - Cursing, No sexual content, Violence

RNS - Anything goes. You must post in the RNS Board in the Roleplay Forum. You must request o be placed in the RNS group to gain access to the board. Message a Moderator or Administrator to be placed in the group.

These ratings MUST be displayed within either the title of your thread or in the starter post itself. If your thread isn't marked then we will ask you to mark it, after five warnings then your threads will be marked for you. We ask that you obey the ratings of our threads, no one wants to see two people going at it in a thread that's meant to be for everyone.

4. There is no restrictions on violence. Take that as you will and use it as you will. Make anything and everything as gorey as your little heart desires. But as long as we're on the topic of gore; you are not allowed to randomly murder another person's character without their previously given consent. It's unfair and frankly infuriating as all hell. Murder is fun, I know, but make sure murder is something you both agree on. Murder safely.

5. Godmodding, Powerplaying, MetaplayingandRetconningare all unacceptable forms of RP.

Godmodding- When a character does things that should not be possible for that character or trying to twist things into their favor. All characters have limits, they can be injured, they can die, they can get sick.

Powerplaying- Taking control of another person's character without their permission or in an unreasonable fashion. It is unacceptable to control how other's react or speak.

Metaplaying- Using information that your character should not know. Example: Your character knowing another's name/history/etc without the two ever having been introduced. Even if you know something they can't until it's been introduced into the RP.

Retconning- The dismissal of something said or done by another in RP. You cannot simply ignore another's post unless it was out of the guidelines. If your character was punched you have to react to it in some way.

6. Mopey RP; RP's in which you are simply begging for attention. Are not allowed. You will not be responded to. This once again pertains to the previous statement; you are not allowed to bring any oorp conflicts into rp. Angsty RP's are perfectly fine, or RP's where your character is actually depressed or upset. But whining about how they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend or have no friends, not acceptable.

7. Insta-kills; absolute and complete no. If the character is not your own then you are not allowed to instantly kill them with no questions asked (unless there's some reason behind it and you both agreed on it). Character's that are your own or your controlling; go for it.

8. Plots obviously are very allowed and one of the most fun parts of RPing, whether it be a plot between two or three people or a large site wide plot, is totally up to you. But please keep the RP and other guidelines involved when creating plots. Abnormally powerful characters are ok to create for plots but not so much so that they basically destroy everything in their path just by looking at it. Keep in mind you have to request site wide plots before starting them and see if they will be approved by the admins.

9. The one thing you'll likely find more than unique or possibly disgusting aboutSoA is that we allow fully played out smut. In other words; we allow you to RP sex scenes. This doesn't mean you have to, you can fade to a spicy black screen or just don't go near it with a ten foot pole. But we leave the option open. The thing is; those threads will always be RNS and since we have children that run around here, if you leave these threads unmarked and they stumble across it then guess who will be blamed? Us. The administrators. We do monitor our threads extremely closely and if we see a sex scene with no warnings then you will be given an immediate warning and the thread will be marked for you. Anything sexual outside of RP around the forum or on your profile will result in immediate bans. You were warned.

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